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Free Forever

What do you get?​

  • A fully featured replacement for your lookahead spreadsheet

  • Unlimited projects, users, tasks, resources

Powering teams at:




billed annually

All of Starter PLUS;

  • Our complete lookahead planning platform

  • 50 Field Only users at no cost

Powering projects at:


Custom Pricing

All of Professional PLUS;

  • Unlimited Free Field Only users

  • Access to Aphex Data API's

Powering companies like:


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the free plan end after 30 days?

No - the Starter plan is legitimately free forever. The plan is designed to be a fully featured replacement for the conventional lookahead planning spreadsheets enabling projects to get started without committing to future costs.

How can we forecast potential costs?

Paid plans are charged by billable seats. On most plans, billable seats will be occupied by senior engineers, project managers and planners. Why not try our Cost Estimator.

Is it possible to extend our Aphex Pro Trial?

We know getting a purchase order signed off can take a little time. Thats why we offer trial extensions in exchange for a little marketing or PR help. Contact us at to trade some social media love, referrals or testimonals for time on your trial.

Can we pay monthly?

Yes, monthly invoicing is available as standard on Enterprise and also with a 15% premium on Pro.

What payment methods are available?

Whilst Aphex is an internet business, our customers certainly aren't. So, as standard, we accept offline payment of invoices with 30 day terms. If you want to cut down the admin and payment via credit card or direct debit we can arrange that also.

Do you have a reseller program?

For teams that resell Aphex as part of their consulting services we offer bespoke training to ensure their team are Aphex Masters. We do not offer reseller discounts as we believe strongly in transparent pricing. Contact us at if you need a quote for your client.

Where is our data stored?

Aphex runs on the Google Cloud Platform. Currently, all customer data is stored in the London (europe-west2) Region (Global Locations - Regions & Zones | Google Cloud)

Do security features change by plan?

No. All plans are covered by our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations as well as allowing Sign in with Microsoft or Google for simpler profile security.