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It’s critical that everyone is bought in, accountable, and we measure our performance weekly... for that we use Aphex.

Jeff Tyloo

Construction Lead at ACCIONA

Moving our lookahead plans out of spreadsheets means we have weekly automated and consistent reports for project managers.

Bruce Latifi

Planning and Controls Manager at John Holland

Aphex is easy to access, easy to use and has all the functions needed to create and maintain the simplest (or even a more detailed) construction program

Alex Pfeffer

Area Manager at John Holland Group

We’ve deployed Aphex on the HS2 project and as head of planning, so far, I’ve had to put minimal effort into the roll out, onboarding or adoption of the tool.

Sean Downes

Head of Planning EKFB and Ferrovial

They [engineers] have the responsibility of managing a piece of work inside Aphex. They implement the program and they keep it updated, we [planners] then create a report which we send across the whole team every week

Francisco Maestre Lloret

Senior Planner at EKFB (HS2)

With a little bit of help, engineers on our project have been able to jump into more of a planning role, really taking ownership for their parts of the plan.

Leticia Orozco

Planner at EKFB (HS2)

Aphex ensures we are always collecting actual project data. This is critical to understanding the root-causes of issues.

Phil Evans

Planner at BMB JV

Aphex has halved the time I spend every week updating the plan

Michelle Murphy

Site Agent

Aphex has changed the engineer’s outlook and attitude towards the program, they feel like they have full ownership now

Sally Sanders

Planner at Costain

Aphex revolutionised how we engage the supply chain workforce for weekly programme reviews

Matt Church

Agent at SKANSKA

When our engineers plan in Aphex we are automatically tracking data like Planned Percent Complete - no need for our planners to play with spreadsheets

Victoria Yates

Business Improvement at Costain

With Aphex, our engineers are more engaged with the plan and it gives them a sense of empowerment, they’re more accountable for making it successful.

Neil Kendrew

Planning Manager at Costain

We were lucky that we could use Aphex to keep our teams and supply chain on the same page to maximise our progress.

Chris McGinness

Regional Planning Manager at BAM Nuttall

Aphex gets the whole team planning on one platform in a 'live' environment. Easy to record progress information - and is safely stored so can be accessed at any time.

Matt Tilbury

Planning Engineer at Costain

Aphex is really perfect for short term planning – it helps our project managers and engineers to make decisions

Ljubinka Gligorova

Planner at SKANSKA

I love how Aphex puts everyone's lookahead plans in one location. So sick of hunting through spreadsheets!

Lilli Craemer

Senior Engineer at Costain