The numbers stack up no matter how you look at it.

Projects deploying a construction success platform drive value in three ways...


Use our calculators below to see how much cost your projects can eliminate with Planner.

Supercharge your team and make them more efficient

How do you save time?

Teams report time savings in building, reviewing and communicating their plans every week.

Across our users, on average, Engineers save 3 hours per week ​by eliminating repetitive and time consuming tasks needed to build their plans.


Planners, on average, save 4 hours per week by completely automating tasks to combine, communicate and track the project's plans.

Reduce Delays and Improve Productivity.

How much could you improve productivity?

Projects recording planned percentage complete prior to Planner, observe a total improvement in those measures of 30-60% in 3 months after implementation. 

Put another way, if your site is struggling to move your PPC above 50% (like most are), Planner can help you get over 80% in months.

Build a true record of performance.

What do poor records cost your project?

On projects, delays happen. But not all delays are the fault of the contractor. Whilst we know we 'should' have accurate records of what caused every delay, often we are paying staff or consultants to comb through piles of documents to prove it.


What does a delay cost your team? Planner is the ultimate insurance policy against poor documentation.

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