Weekly PPC Dashboard Template

Automatically track your construction project's weekly PPC and delay in one simple report

This Power BI template includes:

Planned Percentage Complete

Measure week on week project performance by tracking how much of your prior plan, actually happened.

Team and Contractor Breakdown

Breakdown PPC and performance across your own team of engineers as well as your supply chain.

Root Cause Analysis

Automatically report on the root causes for delays and understand the real drivers of performance.

Project reporting in three steps

In under five minutes, setup and automate your construction project's weekly reporting routine

Download Template

Download the Template and open it in Power BI Desktop.

Connect to Aphex

Enable the Power BI Integration from your Aphex project and copy across your URL and Token to Power BI.

Publish you Report

Tweak or customise the report as much as you like - it's yours. When you are ready, publish it to web or print to PDF.

One app for project delivery

Everything you need to make your plans happen: Lookaheads, Daily Work Plans, Statusing, & more.

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