Connected Planning

Give your team planning superpowers

Upgrade from spreadsheets and whiteboards to Aphex Planner, and instantly equip your engineers with the confidence of knowing that their work fits in.

Lookahead Planning Reinvented

Unlimited Visibility

Plan your work with confidence, knowing that Aphex is watching everything else
  • Clash Detection: Find out if you clash with anyone's work and resolve it without even needing to meet.

  • Resource Demand: Understand the resources needed to deliver your plan.

  • External Links: Tie your work to others without having to continually monitor their plans.

Guided Planning

Build reliable plans without spending hours reviewing.
  • Notify Plans as Ready: Tell everyone your plan is ready to be published with the click of a button.​​

  • Required Fields: Find out when information is missing from your plan without needing the fine tooth comb.


  • Work Backlog: Whether you receive new work from a colleague, a manager, or from a new import, review and organise it before it hits your gantt.

Flexible Workspace

Keep it simple and see things your way.
  • Your Work: Only deal with the work that matters to you, no matter how massive your project is.

  • Work Packages and WBS: Organise work your way while keeping a common project structure in place.

  • Project Teams: Create groups of users to collaborate with.

Other Aphex Features



Put plans into action with interactive shared plans and sequence maps.



Know what's driving performance and what you can do about it.

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