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Viral Construction:

Navigating resource constraints with Bond Street Crossrail (CS JV)

Construction has been given the green light to continue, but now so many projects are scrambling to navigate social distancing and new labour constraints, in preparation for returning to site. It’s tough keeping your project moving, but even tougher keeping it safe!

In our second Lunch & Learn, Bond Street's MEP Planning Manager - Anneel Majid - revealed their processes for tackling resource constraints, which make this mega-project an industry leader in lockdown!


Carlos Carvalho | CEO, Aphex                  

Anneel Majid | MEP Planning Manager, Bond Street Crossrail

Friday 29th May

So what were Anneel's top tips for us?

Create a Covid-19 bar and attach all planned activities to it. As the return to site date is a moving target, this massively reduces the workload required to amend the plan.

Utilise Aphex Planner's resources overlay! Anneel and his team monitor the total resource count to ensure the project is working within social distancing constraints. 

Introduce triple shifting - Bond Street has a 25 maximum labour capacity, and triple shifting helps maximise productivity! Time is also put aside between each shift for full welfare cleaning. 

​Put a 'Command Team' in place to assess each planned activity and decide on their importance, for prioritisation. Bond Street gave preference to Section Completion activities! 

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