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Viral Construction: Navigating Lockdown with Bradley Burrowes (CVB JV - Thames Tideway East)

Construction sites across the UK are getting to grips with the new social distancing measures and what that means for keeping projects moving. 

In our lunch and learn with Bradley Burrowes (CVB JV - Thames Tideway East), we talked remote working, social distancing and gained insight on what to expect in the future on mega-projects such as Bradley's.


Carlos Carvalho | CEO, Aphex                  

Bradley Burrowes | CVB JV - Thames Tideway East

Friday 15th May

So what were Bradley's top tips for us?

Make the most of downtime during lockdown to re-plan and refine both pre-construction and construction activities. 

Utilise Microsoft Teams to screen-share Planner as a remote collaborative planning session. 

Using custom delay reasons in Planner to track Covid-19 delays. 

Using Planner's Baseline function to track changes to plan, as a result of evolving constraints. 

Streamline your remote working with Planner

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