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Stop flying blind. Unlock powerful insight and analysis that no project team have ever had.

Unrivalled Insight

Aphex Insight

The reporting and analysis app that you have always dreamed of.
  • Curated: Six powerful reports to give the complete picture of any project or organisation.

  • Interactive: Follow the story of the data to uncover new insight.

  • Shareable: Share any report to anyone. Even if they are not an Aphex user.

Project Coordination

Stop chasing and start directing the process of publishing plans.
  • Planning Cadence: Get lookaheads submitted on time by scheduling deadlines.

  • Plan Requirements: Set a standard for your team's plans and let Aphex keep and eye on it.

  • Plan Readiness Tracking: Know who's plans are ready and who's aren't.

Aphex Data

Build a powerful and unique record of performance across your project or organisation.
  • Smart Status: Capture data from your team without disrupting their planning.

  • A new standard: Planned vs actual, for every day of every task.

  • Aphex Data API: Connect performance data with other business data streams for powerful insight.

Other Aphex Features



Plan your work with the superpower of knowing the who, what and where of anything around you.



Put plans into action with interactive shared plans and sequence maps.

Want to understand what's driving your team's performance?

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