Gamechanging Communication

We have revolutionised how you share your plans

Aphex Construction Sharing Plans

Still emailing pdfs and spreadsheets?

The game has changed. Aphex is the new standard.

What is so different?

Shareable Versions

Bring anyone up to speed, quickly.
  • Interactive: Paper thin plans are finished. Let recipients of your plans have some control.

  • Universal: Send plans to anyone, even if they are not an Aphex user.

  • Traceable: Know who has received your plans and when.

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Aphex Shareable Versions
Aphex Construction Gantt
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Powerful Views

Communicate plans in a language everyone understands.
  • Gantt: We've reinvented a classic for speed and simplicity.

  • Map: The universal site communication tool built into your plan.

  • Overlays: Focus in on the issues and have the tools to solve them nearby.

Team Routines

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Finally, a way to keep your team in sync without the long meetings or "not so polite" emails.
  • Sync Plan Readiness: Set targets and watch Aphex help the whole team get their individual plans ready.

  • Publishing: Get lookahead submissions out on time, every time.

  • Importing: Connect your master schedule to your lookahead and distribute work to your team.

Aphex Construction Planning

Other Aphex Features



Plan your work with the superpower of knowing the who, what and where of anything around you.



Know what's driving performance and what you can do about it.

Bring your team together today

Construction Engineer Aphex
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